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Why Blockchain Office Suite?

Breaking conventional wisdom, a blockchain powered office application like ProximaX Suite operates from a distributed, replicated and sharded configuration that makes it superior in terms of availability, efficiency and privacy. Our meticulous engineering at ProximaX helps protect your important information from the increasingly rampant incidences of data theft and fraud, occurring at centralised and cloud-hosted sites across the world. With ProximaX Suite, it is time your intellectual property finds a safe and secure haven to stay in.

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Secure & Private

Blockchain Asymmetric Encryption

The first of its kind, ProximaX Suite deploys a blockchain asymmetric encryption technology that seamlessly enables file owners to decrypt their own files. The naturally demanding asymmetric encryption takes on a pioneering mathematical approach to protecting data, different from most cloud providers’ AES-256 encryption. This means users of ProximaX Suite like you have absolute control to create, edit, share, and delete your own files safely and securely.

Distributed & Scalable

Efficient File Organization Tool

Users are able to store encrypted information in a distributed environment where files in a decentralised network are broken apart and spread across various nodes, making it impossible for anyone to access the entire content as the files are sharded. ProximaX Suite combines both blockchain and IPFS technology backed by Tendermint consensus mechanism. Each file has its unique cryptographic hash which is searchable in the blockchain explorer.

Easy to Use & Resilient

Blockchain-based File Encryption

File owners have full access and control of their own data. Users are able to create, edit and share any file safely powered by ProximaX blockchain layer at its core. Instead of an AES encryption key, the blockchain asymmetric encryption allows only owners to decrypt each file.

A Blockchain Encrypted Application in a Decentralised Cloud Storage System Designed for the Workplace

Boost Your Office Productivity

Create and swiftly share documents, diagrams, spreadsheets and presentations all within one platform, one URL.

Decentralised File Storage System

Supporting our always available 5GB free online storage for every user is the strength of our distributed architecture. For unlimited storage, contact us at to upgrade to the Business or Enterprise edition.

Mobile Device Synchronisation

Cross platform compatibility - mobile, tablet, desktop. Access and transfer your files from anywhere and to any device.

Admin Controls

Robust and flexible user administration such as creating, adding and removing users/groups all from one admin console including adding security options like single-sign-on (SSO).

Connect & Collaborate

Redefine your speed and productivity with our inbuilt messaging tool and video call. Share and collaborate faster with more meaningful conversations.


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ProximaX Suite: BLOCKCHAIN Your Workspace

Traditional office settings are becoming less and less common, given that most startups today are adapting to the remote work movement: outsourcing work to overseas teams, collaborating through emails and managing offices all on the internet. And with this comes a rise in the popularity of online collaboration tools aiming to transform the way offices work. But which one really is the most effective? Or which one is the most secure?

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